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The Xandite Group was founded in 1970 at the Monte da Caparica, Almada, and has the characteristic of being a family company. Offers the fabrication and commercialization of bread, cookies, candys and others with maximum quality, security and food hygiene to coffe shops, bakeries, restaurants, schools, universities, and so on, having a service with proofs given through the years.


Alentejano, Bolinhas, Brasileiros, Cacete, Carcaças, etc


Bolo Inglês, Mármore, Rei, Chantilly, Chocolate, etc

Birthday Cakes

Bolo Inglês, Chocolate, Chantilly, Doce de Ovos, Massa de Amêndoa, etc


Areias, Argolas, Bolachas, Brigadeiros, Brôas, Canela, etc


In 2015 Xandite opened a new store at Santo António da Caparica
The XANDITE Group continues constantly trying to offer the best service and quality to its customers, therefore, is pleased to announce the opening of its new store in margem sul (Lisbon South Bay). The new SANTO ANTONIO CAPARICA store , located at Avenida do Mar, Santo António da Caparica was our new for 2015.

Xandite opened two more stores
XANDITE GROUP in its search for a better and expansive service, opened two more stores in the south end. The new store at ALMADA, in Rua da Liberdade, and the new store at CHARNECA DA CAPARICA in Avenida Elias Garcia.

Auto-Control System Implementation (HACCP)
Currently, and in the interests of always fabricate safe and harmless products to the health and safety of consumers, Xandite Group, has implemented the Auto-control system based on HACCP methodology, which consists of dangers analysis and critical control points, thus ensuring the satisfaction of our customers and the quality of our products are always first, to serve always better.